From Sacramento to L.A.

Pacific Coast Highway

This October, I had the pleasure of spending some time with my mom here in California. We decided to take a road trip from Sacramento, where I live, to Los Angeles. The fastest way is taking either I-5 or CA-99,  but we wanted to do it in style, so we decided to drive south on Highway 1, also known as Pacific Coast Highway.

Highway 1: more than a drive, an experience.

PAcific Coast HighwayPersonally, I think this is an experience everyone should have in their lives. This is so since the scenery is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. To start with, The Pacific Ocean with the mountains behind, and the steep cliffs in front of you make the view magnificent. It is impossible to not stop and think how small we are in the world. Another thing that leaves you in awe is the most spectacular, almost turquoise, blue of the ocean. I strongly believe it’s something everyone should see.

One thing, though, the day we drove was incredibly foggy. This apparently is a common year-round. It lasted a couple of hours, and it wasn’t dangerous to drive or anything, but it sure was spooky. It did, however, make our experience even more memorable.

Pacific Coast HighwayLastly, if you’re into wildlife viewing, especially, sea lions and elephant seals, you can see hundreds of them on the 17-Mile Drive, near Monterey or near San Simeon. Now you’ve got to plan the viewing carefully because you can’t do both of them on the same day. By the time we got to San Simeon it was after sunset, so we didn’t get to stop and appreciate the elephant seals. I have to admit that I was disappointed that we didn’t get to stop.

Some other practical information about our road trip.

Pebble BeachAs I have mentioned before, PCH was not the most practical way to Los Angeles from Sacramento. As a matter of fact, it took my mom and I about 12 hours to get there. A little too long for my taste.

We drove from Sac to Monterey, where we spent an hour or so on the 17-Mile Drive. It’s a historic drive with beautiful vistas. My favorite spot was the Brid Rock. From there we joined Highway 1.

I strongly suggest that if you ever plan on driving on Highway 1, that you drive it southbound. This is because you are closer to the ocean and there won’t be any cars blocking your view. Also, there aren’t many official vista points down the road, but there are plenty of safe places you can park your car and take in the view. One other thing, no one is in a hurry, everyone is in awe; so you can take your time whenever you’d like to stop.

What I would have done differently.

Bird Rock California

My mom and I had the goal of reaching L.A. that same day, which now I know is completely crazy. Next time, I’m going to take at least two days. Maybe even more. I felt as if I didn’t take all the pictures I wanted to take, or that we could have enjoyed it more.

Also, I’m taking my husband next time.

Thanks again for your time here. It was a pleasure sharing this experience with you! You can check out the pictures I took there on my Flickr page. What I’d love to know is if there’s a special place you’ve been that you think everyone should go? Share it with me on the comment section bellow.

See you next time!





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