lake berryessa

Lake Berryessa Spillway

It's been a rainy Winter here in Northern California, and you can easily see the effects of all the rain when you look at any of the rivers in the area. Even though we've been living here for less than two years, both my husband and I are impressed with the water levels here in … Continue reading Lake Berryessa Spillway

Sunday Watch: This Is Us

NBC released last summer a new TV show that changed my view on watching family dramas. This Is Us is such a moving show that I simply couldn't stop watching. Showing both the past and present of the Pearson's life, it challenges you into thinking how important the little things are in every relationship. The story follows … Continue reading Sunday Watch: This Is Us

bullet journal set up

Bullet Journal: Goodbye February! Hello March!

I can't believe February is already at its end! Well... it happens when you have a few days less than the other months. Here in NorCal, February was a slow and rainy month. Leaving the house has been awful because of the cold and wet weather - I really can't wait for the warmer months to come … Continue reading Bullet Journal: Goodbye February! Hello March!

Monthly Playlist: February

Accidentally, the day to publish this month's playlist is on my birthday! Yay! I decided that I'd pick a playlist with some of the songs that instantly put a smile on my face. Some of them are some newer songs of bands that I've just started listening to like Trouble by Cage The Elephant; instrumentals … Continue reading Monthly Playlist: February

Gluten-Free Apple Crumble

My husband and I hosted a potluck dinner with some friends. We were trying to figure out what to make since half of our group is vegetarian. We came up with these mini broccoli pies  (which turned out great, btw), but I had completely forgotten that one of our friends has a gluten-free diet. I felt so … Continue reading Gluten-Free Apple Crumble

Sunday Watch: Santa Clarita Diet

Every 30-something who grew up in the 90's, gets excited when Drew Barrymore is on the screen - at least I know I do. So when you put her in a very unusual comedy which she starts eating people after an unusual series of events, it makes you wonder where will this go? Let's say Netflix … Continue reading Sunday Watch: Santa Clarita Diet

What NOT do to when visiting Hollywood

When one thinks about Los Angeles, Hollywood come automatically to mind. Both Hollywood Blvd and the Sign. So when visiting LA, one must include Hollywood on their list of things to do. And that's exactly what I did when I went to LA with my family. Little did I know that there's a wrong way to … Continue reading What NOT do to when visiting Hollywood